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nvestorxchg is a local investment group that seeks to assist homeowner’s sell their homes. Our mission is to serve our local neighborhoods and provide families with a seamless solution; whether that’s through our group of local investors’ or on your own. We understand traditional real estate brokerages can be a grueling process that can take months if not years to sell your home. Our solution is focused on speed, getting families out of tough situations fast. We want to improve our community and the lives’ of people that may be burdened by home ownership.

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Hi, my name is Lisa Florio and I have been a New Yorker all my life.  One of the many fascinating things about the Greater New York City Area area is the wonderful people that live in our diverse communities.  I am the proud mom of two outstanding young men, and I am engaged with an outstanding church community that supports many wonderful charities that give back to our local communities.  It is so important to give time to those who need help. I pride myself in creating strong relationships when working with people as well as setting clear expectations with communication and commitment.  In addition, I have a strong foundation of Head, Heart and Guts.  The Head, decisive and focused; the Heart being connected and inspiring and the Guts are courageous and resilient. 

Lisa Florio
nvestorxchange engineer

Community Rejuvenation Project

Our core values start with commitment, as we are committed to you, your neighborhood and future generations to come. Our local investors have a unique interest in restoring residential properties in the communities that they and their families live in. Our goal is to assist your family, whether you use our service or not.

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